as the pillow of the night
brought daybreak’s gentle yawn,
my heart trembled open
and out emerged Emotion’s pawn.

two steps forward
with strong and peaceful grace
she spoke her words calmly
and held her square shaped place.

the knight came forward
with the queen of hearts close behind
brave messengers cupping thoughts unspoken,
newly extracted; frightfully intertwined.

you gently cleared both time and space
to give my heart a voice and stage.
at last! she spoke so freely
from the doors of judgement’s cage.

not once did you catch the words midair
to re-craft them to your liking.
you let them be as they are
without imposing answers, logic or striking.

when a woman’s heart speaks freely
through knight and queen and pawn
the steel in her heart will soften
as she tiptoes into the breaking dawn.

for by letting her speak unscripted
and allowing what is to simply be
by honoring the voices of my heart
you have deeply honored me.

Karen Kaye
August 2009


About Epiphany

epiphanies on life and spiritual living as I chase wisdom - one insight at a time.

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