Paper to Blossoms (The Dance)

The notes begin to stir
drawing together in rapport
and the strings of song
pull my feet to the floor.

My spirit finds the heart of song
and joyfully slips inside.
Within the womb of music
song and dance collide.

The song calls to me
And as dancer, I reply!
In measure, we join together
and sweetly come eye to eye.

My soul is crafting song to form
as the music plays on.
I’m unfolding into blossoms
as all hesitance is withdrawn.

Music takes my hand and foot
and guides them in gentle grace.
In partnership, we’re stretching
beyond all time and space.

The notes begin to slow
and it’s time to say good night
but I’m still unfolding – blossoming –
and arching into the night.

For this song has changed me
and where I come from.
In merging with the music
I became more than I’ve become.

~ Karen Kaye (11/2009)


About Epiphany

epiphanies on life and spiritual living as I chase wisdom - one insight at a time.

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