My Quirky Rituals

Here are a few things I do to clear my mind and keep my environment energetically positive.

Smudging – Using a small bundle of dried sage*, I light it from a candle, blow it out until it is smoking, and I walk it through the house. Smudging is a age-old ritual that is used to clear negative energy in a space. I do this anytime I am feeling “off” or feel that my home has picked up some weird energy. If you have a spat with a loved one, it’s especially important to do this. It literally helps “clear the air”.


Burning Bowl – This is my go-to solution when I need to let something go. I write down whatever is bothering me on a paper. Then I burn it in a fire-proof bowl on my patio. Sometimes it’s one page, or it might be five pages of venting. Either way, when I burn it, I feel myself physically letting go of the issue or the feelings. I always feel “lighter” afterwards.

Burning Bowl Ritual

Walking – Walking alone in nature is guaranteed to help me clear my head, generate ideas, gain inspiration, identify solutions to problems, calm me down or lessen any troubling issues I have. If I am stressed, I take a walk and focus on that issue while I walk. I keep walking until I feel better about it. It might take 30 minutes or 3 hours (or 3 weeks). I keep walking until I feel that shift. Walking is one of the most emotionally healing things you can do for yourself. Most people don’t get enough introspective time – walking alone and processing your mental/emotional inbox is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.

* You can find sage at any new age store

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