Getting to the Root of It

Something happened this morning that triggered an old aggravation, hitting a long forgotten raw spot. This event hit me deeply. Normally, I roll with things, but not this time. It stuck with me.

My “out of character” reaction tipped me off. I could see why I cared, but why did I care SO much? Because my reaction wasn’t about what happened today; it had roots in something else, something long unresolved. This was the moment to figure out what that was.

I took my laptop to the patio and I began writing: “How do I REALLY feel about this situation?” And then without stopping, I wrote whatever came to mind. I typed and typed and typed – venting, whining, bemoaning, blandly commenting on how I had no idea what else to write – then pondering and musing my way toward what would hopefully become a breakthrough.

And then it hit me. I got a major “a-ha”. It hit me so hard that I stopped typing and went “oh…”. This realization changed everything. Immediately shifted my energy. And it also gave me an insight on what my next action step was for the issue I was facing.

I use this process whenever I need to get to the root of something.

I use it to make decisions, “How do I REALLY feel about this career path (or job)”.

I use it to get insights and clarity “How do I REALLY feel about my friendship with Susie?”.

And I use it when I feel blocked, “How do I REALLY feel about finishing this project?”.

The word “really” is in all caps to urge me to write openly and honestly – totally uncensored! I can always delete the file or burn the paper later.

The key is to write until you get hit with a big epiphany. One that is big enough that it gives you a major “a-ha” or “oh….” That’s how you know you are getting to the root. There might be a few epiphanies waiting for you, so don’t always stop at the first one…

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