Little Money Secrets

If you are struggling with money, a few of these little secrets might be worth considering.

Money loves me! Whenever I find change on the ground, I immediately cheer “Money loves me!” as I joyfully pick it up. And yes, I say this out loud, happily and at least three times. I always show effusive gratitude to the universe for sending me money. You know WHY that money is on the ground? Because someone didn’t believe they deserved to have it. So when it is “given” to me, I’m grateful because you get more of what you are grateful for – no matter how small. If you ignore change on the ground, you’re sending the wrong message. Ignoring it says that you don’t want money, you don’t value it, won’t take care of it and aren’t grateful for it when it is given to you.

I love money – but I love it in a different way than most people do. When you love something, you cherish it, you respect it, you honor it. You don’t abuse it. You aren’t reckless with it. I treat my money with respect. If I buy it, I use it. I buy good quality things. I buy things I will love and cherish. I also do my best to not financially support things that are not for the highest good. I use money wisely and err on the side of mindful generosity.

I never spend money – I only invest it. This changed a lot of my financial behavior. I don’t invest in having my nails done professionally every week because I don’t value its ROI. But I will invest $200 in a pair of high quality, comfortable shoes that I will wear frequently for several years. I invest in areas with the best ROI for me – i.e., convenience, comfort, my health/healing and long-term happiness.

I can afford anything I want. Ten years ago I was car shopping and saw a beautiful Corvette priced at $45,000. When the dealer gave me a condescending attitude and dismissed my fleeting interest in it, it hit me. I COULD afford that car. I had cash, investments and assets that were worth more than that car. I could have easily afforded to buy it (even if it meant draining all my resources), but I CHOSE not to. I never say I can’t afford something because it is rarely true. Saying I can’t afford it means that my money is controlling me. When it comes to my purchasing decisions, I’m in control, not my money. Reframing this was huge for me.

Embrace wealth. I’ve learned that if you want to be wealthy yourself, it’s helps to put yourself in environments that exude wealth, opulence and luxury. Don’t shy away from it. Learn to love being at home in these environments because that’s where you are going to hang out when you DO have money. If you have a bitter attitude toward people, places or things that exude wealth, you are REJECTING wealth. You will never attract something that you expel negativity towards. This is the single biggest mistake I see people making. They have dark attitudes towards people, things and environments they would be part of if they DID have money. Don’t reject the world you want to be part of. No one would turn down a million dollar salary, a brand new Mercedes and a $50,000 wardrobe. So stop acting like you would. And stop being bitter towards the people who have what you secretly want.

These things have absolutely put me on the right track in my own financial progression toward the lifestyle I want. They have also been instrumental in making my life feel fun, easy, effortless and enjoyable. And it only gets better from here.


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