The Hand that Tips the Domino

Last Thursday night, Michael and I walked into a billionaire’s home in Corona del Mar for a party in honor of the Homeland Security Chairman. It was a small party; perhaps 50 guests. Few enough that we had plenty of time to chat with the Chairman and casual enough that we were invited to ask anything we wished. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

It wasn’t until the next day that it hit us. The reason we were invited all stemmed from one seemingly insignificant moment. A few months ago, a woman named Maria chose the seat next to Michael on a Southwest flight on route to Orange County. A conversation ensued. Her husband was an artist, Michael an art collector, and so an exchange of contact information took place.

At the time, it was simply a conversation to kill time on a plane. It was a random person who was interesting to talk to. It evolved into a possible exchange of mutual benefit. Michael discovered new artwork he loved and her husband might secure a new client.

A month later, we met the artist and learned of his connections into the political world. Two months later, out of nowhere, he invited us to a party to meet the Chairman of Homeland Security.

Upon getting the invite, we really didn’t know what we were walking into. It didn’t surprise me to see Secret Service in the courtyard and neatly stationed throughout the house. But it wasn’t until I took that first step inside the home that I realized where we were. Every single person exuded wealth, elegance and class. The way the gentlemen stood, the cut and fall of their suits. A room full of multi-millionnaires and top executives. I have never felt such an overwhelming, striking vibe from a group of people in my life.

The fascinating thing is that none of this – meeting the woman on the plane nor being invited to the party would have taken place had two things not occurred.

Several months ago, Michael set a very specific intention. It was a “stretch” goal; the kind you make without having any idea how it could possibly come to life. But he set that goal, ingrained it with unwavering faith into his belief system with passion and conviction.

But we know that intentions alone are not enough. You can have perfect clarity on intentions, but underlying, self-sabotaging beliefs can hijack the most powerful of intentions. And you will be met with a long, frustrating, confusing journey of bitterness.

Years ago, Michael recognized that he had some self-sabotaging beliefs about wealth and success and actively took steps to clear those blocks out of his belief system. Thus, when the inspiration for this intention came to light, he came upon a clear, open road.

That party did more than introduce us to a variety of fascinating people and give us an entertaining evening. It tipped us off. It made us realize that meeting Maria was no accident. She was drawn to him in order to help set in motion the domino effect of bringing that intention to life. She was the hand that tipped that first domino.

That person you just met? The one who seemed nice, who you had a good connection with? He or she may have shown up for a reason. Everyone is showing up in your life for a reason; to help you learn something, to gift you an experience, to open doors to opportunities or new thoughts.

This experience taught me that once you set crystal clear intentions and remove sabotaging beliefs, pay close attention to those who start showing up in your life. They may very well serve as the hand that tips that first domino.


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