i will surprise you

There is a gentle swell
infusing the belly of possibility.
As it delicately unfolds before me
it begs me to honor it’s fragility.

“Don’t crush it” – it’s asking me.
“Don’t question me” – it says.
Just let me be, you watch and see
for i will surprise you.

Let me evolve – from cell to body
for you don’t know me quite yet.
Our quietude shall give birth
and cast light upon this vignette.

I know your type!
(it says to me in loving-peace).
You see the animal
and you name the beast.

You see the body
and you judge the heart.
You join the race
and take a head start.

This swell is only the first note
of a song you don’t yet know
I have plenty more to say and show!
Your silence and patience
shall encourage my song to grow.

Wait – Don’t break the stem just yet
when all you see is a weak silhouette.
In my rightful time and space
I emerge with a body, heart and face.

Maybe then you will see it
unless you see your judgement first!
Take me as I am
then come dance with me
vulnerable and unrehearsed.

Come gently to my playground
I only ask one thing.
Can you watch and listen
before you kick and throw?

For I must warn you…
I may be something
your heart has ached to know.

~Karen Kaye (December 2009)


About Epiphany

epiphanies on life and spiritual living as I chase wisdom - one insight at a time.

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