How “No” Got Me Exactly What I Wanted

Twice in the last week I was told “no” to something I had high hopes for. In one case, it was “No, we can’t replace that”. In the other case I was told, “Nope, we don’t have any.”

In both cases I walked away feeling convinced that the “no” was legit. I resolved to accept an unfortunate outcome; and in the second case, spend $100 dollars for something that I could have gotten for a small fraction of that.

The unfortunate outcome did not sit well with me over the next few days and I felt nudged to call the company to express my disappointment. Ten minutes later, the company offered me the exact solution they said wasn’t possible four days earlier.

In the second case, I didn’t have to spend the $100 after all… Soon after I was told “no”, another employee asked if I got what I was looking for. With a little pre-pout, I said “No… they didn’t have anything” – to which he zipped back into the shop and returned 3 minutes later with exactly what I needed. Even better; he was able to give it to me free.

Twice in the last week, “no” ended up giving me exactly what I wanted… and in both cases, what I ultimately got was FAR BETTER than what I had expected or asked for.

In a earlier time, I would not have been so fortunate. So what changed?

The first difference I noted was this: When I heard “no”, I accepted it and let it go. The item couldn’t be replaced; my beloved handbag had been accidentally destroyed and there wasn’t another one left in the country. Fine. After a brief pout-fest on Facebook, I moved on.

I also didn’t give either incident any “energetic weight”. I could have been furious (although I was shocked and rather befuddled) that my gorgeous handbag had been destroyed, or annoyed that now I would have to spend $100 on something that I could have gotten ridiculously cheap.

Despite not getting what I wanted or expected, I rolled with it… I didn’t have time or space for an ounce of negativity. Why? Because as a general practice, I maintain a focus on whatever I AM grateful for.

But here is the final component: when I felt a nudge to take an action (i.e. to call the company again), I acted on it. When extended an offer to take a second look for me, I gratefully said YES – I would love that! I could have taken a defeatist attitude and said, “Nah, forget it” or ignored the nudges to follow up, but I didn’t – and that made all the difference.

While I accepted the “no” in the moment it occurred, I remained open to things changing, knowing that things oftentimes do. When I felt a nudge days later, I responded. That nudge might be a new idea, an inspiration or an insight on a different approach.

How did “no” get me exactly what I wanted? It boils down to this:

  • Unfortunate situation happens 😦
  • Shift my focus to what I AM grateful for 🙂
  • Let the rest go
  • Remain open to nudges
  • Then act on them

My destroyed handbag that wasn’t available anywhere in the country? Here is the brand new replacement that just arrived today. So very grateful for happy endings! 🙂


About Epiphany

epiphanies on life and spiritual living as I chase wisdom - one insight at a time.

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  1. Thank you, thank you for giving me such a wonderfully well written, positive story to share today! Congratulations on a job well done!


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