They Didn’t Know Who I Am

Yesterday my neighbor had a water leak. When the plumbers knocked on my door to see if there was any damage to my place, I clearly didn’t look thrilled as I greeted them. Despite the pouty welcome, they formally introduced themselves, explained the situation and asked if they may come in to check things out.

What struck me first was how professionally they introduced themselves. If I hadn’t seen the plumbing truck behind them and their kneepads, I would have thought they were real estate agents hitting me up for my dinky condo (which shockingly, does occur).

Not only were they very thorough in their inspection, but when I asked questions they explained things to me beautifully, in ways that this girl (who goes totally deaf upon any discussion of home improvement matters) can actually understand.

Before they left, I asked them about a sulfur smell I had noticed from one of my sinks. They came back inside, looked at it, told me exactly what was wrong, and fixed it for me. It took all of five minutes.

They didn’t have to do this for me.

I am sure they have already forgotten about me. But when they left my house, I smiled, because they have no idea who I am.

I am the girlfriend of an executive of a Property Management REIT. The girlfriend of a executive who could give them millions of dollars worth of business and who has the power to make that decision.

They impressed me. So much that I felt inspired to ask my boyfriend to consider them for future business based on my brief – and yet highly impressive – experience with them.

Those ten minutes could turn into $10 million dollars worth of business over the years.

They had no idea who I am. And yet, they treated me the same way contractors do when they DO know who I am. (Like a tiny princess with a dragon that could kill you).

It reminded me of the power of treating others well, of going above and beyond in all we do. The power of carrying oneself with class, receiving others with kindness and compassion, treating everyone as someone who can have life changing impact on you.

You may never know who that person is and here’s why: People won’t unveil who they are unless they see the best in you first. 

Relentlessly impressing others opens doors. It may be your stellar attitude, your impeccable service, your well-crafted talent, the sharp way you dress – or the way you treat everyone like they are the most important person in the world when they walk in the room.

You can turn 10 minutes into $10 million dollars. Do the little things that count.


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epiphanies on life and spiritual living as I chase wisdom - one insight at a time.

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  1. Right on Karen! I love the energy of this post!!! It truly does make a difference in the way you treat others. It is a mirror of how others treat you. What you give you receive. It may have been a small fix for your sulfur smell to them, but it was worth a substantially larger amount to you! That larger amount will return to them 10 fold if they allow it and accept it!


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