Are You Doing the Best Work of Your Life?

Over the last few years, I did a fair amount of contract/freelance work to segue into a new field, which I did successfully.

The first thing I discovered with contract work was that I had to prove myself every single day. I had to go above and beyond, literally, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why? Because at the time I was doing this, the economy was in a terrible state. A lot of people were fighting for the work I was miraculously getting; people who did it cheaper, better, faster. I was in a coveted spot on many occasions – and I had to protect that.

At the start of each contract job, I committed to doing the best work of my life for that project. I decided to go above and beyond every day. How many regular employees actually do that? They don’t. Why would they? Nothing bad happens if they don’t perform one day. Most managers don’t even notice.

But those days add up. And at some point, those managers DO notice.

For me, anything less than my best meant future work could be offered to someone else. They could cut me any time, for any reason. I also wanted to be the first person they contacted for new projects. My strategy worked. I found myself in a few situations where I had the privilege of turning work down.

I’m in a “regular” job now, but this is still how I define my work ethic today. I seek to prove myself every single day. It’s my professional reputation in my field and inside my company. And I love the work I do and the quality of what I produce.

I challenge you to ask yourself – honestly – what has defined and influenced your work ethic?

Are you truly doing the best work of your life? Would your company choose to re-hire you every day?

If you don’t like the answer – take this as a nudge… Even if you hate your job, work feels awesome when you do it phenomenally well. You might hate the experience, but you can empower yourself to change HOW you experience it.

A good example of people who mastered doing the “best work of their lives”.  🙂


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