Good Thing the Doctor was Late!

Last week Michael took off early for a doctor appointment with a new physician. He was excited; he had been struggling with a mysterious throat congestion for some time and was anxious to figure out the cause of it.

He showed up early and waited patiently… but after 30 minutes I began getting text messages from him threatening to leave because the wait time was becoming ridiculous. At 45 minutes I got a message saying that the staff told him it would be 5 more minutes until they could put him in the “room” – which he knew meant another round of waiting.

He lost it and walked out. But not before giving the receptionist a detailed lecture on time excellence, customer service and how to run a business. He promptly drove home and began drafting a letter to the physician which would include a bill for the time he spent waiting and the $3.00 parking fee. He meant business.

As he angrily banged out the letter, I mentioned the power of social media… Businesses live and die by their online social media ratings, I said. So he pulled up a few rating sites for physicians and went to town there too.

But a few minutes into it, he paused.

There were a few reviews on the doctor and one of them stopped Michael in his tracks. A woman had written that while the doctor had been very kind, she questioned his skills as a physician. Her husband had gone to him several times with the same issue and the doctor dismissed his complaints each time. They finally saw a second doctor who immediately identified the root of the issue – it was cancer.

Michael “got it” right away. It was a blessing that the doctor was late. What if Michael had his visit as scheduled and the doctor missed something critical? What if he was in the early stages of a serious condition and the doctor dismissed it?

We don’t know how this story ends; he hasn’t identified his new doctor yet. I share it because that one little insight dramatically shifted how Michael ultimately perceived what was initially a bad experience. But he senses that angels were with him that day, protecting him and redirecting him for his highest good.

Out of principle, he sent the doctor a bill. And out of wisdom, he gratefully accepted this blessing and is following the nudges to find a new doctor. We have faith that he will be guided to the perfect doctor for exactly what he needs.

Girl waiting

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