What Broken Things Really Mean

Last Wednesday, I vacated the house while my house cleaning service was here. When I returned, I found them waiting for me outside. I knew immediately that something was wrong, but I welcomed them warmly as I approached.

They explained there had been an accident. A lava lamp that I had kept in the kitchen had broken. They insisted on replacing it or paying for it. Both of which I adamantly refused.

I loved that little red lava lamp; it was a quirky little addition to my decor and it created a fun ambiance in the rare moments I spent more than a few minutes in the kitchen. But I refused to have it replaced and I wouldn’t hear of them giving me a dime for it.

I’ve learned that when something breaks, it’s because it is no longer needed in your life. That energy is no longer supposed to be with you and the break is an invitation to let it go and get rid of it.

I don’t question the breaks in my life for this reason. If it breaks or gets ruined, I know it’s time to let it go. I never keep anything broken or damaged in my home (bad energy/Feng Shui). So I’m okay with things breaking. It’s simply a shift of energy – something I always welcome.

There is a difference between something “breaking” and needing some repair. If it is a repair, I do my best to get the item fixed as quickly as possible. If the repair isn’t fully restorative (or it just doesn’t feel good to me), then I know it is time to let the item go. Not all breaks are fatal. But it’s smart to know when they are.

Relationships, jobs, life situations are the same way… sometimes they “break”… beyond just needing that little bit of repair. Not all breaks are a heroic challenge to see if you can weather massive emotional storms or slay dragons playing manipulative mind games. Sometimes things simply break – and sometimes breaks are endings.

Maybe I outgrew that quirky little lava lamp. Just as I know I am outgrowing other things in my life. I take the lava lamp breaking as a good sign because I see other parts of my life “breaking” as well. If I can accept losing a beloved lava lamp, I’m pretty sure I can accept the “breaks” that are shifting me into new experiences, new friends, and new journeys. For that, every break is something I can be grateful for. 

About Epiphany

epiphanies on life and spiritual living as I chase wisdom - one insight at a time.

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  1. Are u telling me when my cooker breaks down,my washmachine breaks down ,my oil heater not working and my car falling down of the ramp of a carwash ..I don’t need all them thinks anymore lol it all happen in one week


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