Facing the Wrong Way

I’m taking a local vacation this week; staying in an oceanfront room in Laguna Beach. The view couldn’t be more perfect from our room. This morning I went to the balcony, set up my computer on the table, sat down… and 30 minutes later I realized something very odd. I was sitting with my back to the ocean. I could see all the other guests on their patios gazing peacefully upon the ocean. But I had my back to it.

I feel a deep love for the beauty of the ocean and the beach. But I’m also here all the time… it’s nothing new to me. I’m deeply grateful for the ocean every time I see it, but this time, I seemed to be ignoring it.

This made me wonder what else I SAY I am grateful for that I am also “turning my back on”. My words sounded great, but my actions didn’t line up today. I was facing the wrong way. Literally.

On this particular visit, since I was here “on vacation”, I decided to really SEE Laguna differently. Pay attention to all the details I have missed over the last 15 years. I’m focusing on actually seeing things and not just gazing over them in my cocky stroll to point B.

But to do that, I have to face the right way. Where else in life am I turned backwards? Am I facing the right way with my fears (that would be head on, towards them). Am I facing the right direction to the gym (where I really should be 3 times a week). Am I facing the right way in my relationships (investing time with those who energize me – and vice versa)? What about personal development? For me, facing the “right way” means I’m learning something new every day and actively practicing loving-kindness and compassion in all I do.

I need to start facing the right direction. For me, that means focusing on what matters so I can DO what matters.


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  1. Sudden news of a death of friend made me revisit this blog, which I wrote a few weeks ago… I was reminded that life truly is short and it’s time to keep the focus on what REALLY matters. Take nothing for granted. Let’s face the right direction… toward those precious to us. Face toward the ones who are inspiring you, touching your heart, bringing lightness to your life, listening to you, energizing you, giving you hugs that touch your soul. I want every word and action to be heart-centered in the event that it is the last imprint I make. You never know when that last hug will be the last.


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