By day, I am an e-learning designer; by night, I am a dancer emphatically in love with tango, bachata, blues, lindyhop and fusion. Weekends I’m either golfing or hanging upside down doing acroyoga. Gratitude is my religion. Blogging is my release. After a lot of introspective time spent in a lounge chair by a pool, this California girl simultaneously got a tan and a few good epiphanies. My blog is a living evolution of my chasing of wisdom – one epiphany at a time.

~ karen

Headshot Cropped

  1. Interesting:

    “I see a lot of people struggling – many in the same ways I did. And having passed through that door myself, I feel strongly that those struggles are truly unnecessary.”

    I am with you on this one. I would like to hear more about that. Would you like to you elaborate – maybe in a post?

    I like that:

    “But it requires us to first challenge everything we believe and know” – indeed so it is.

    Nice to come across this.



    Ps great hat 😉


  2. Karen, for your tango words you got my full reverence.


  3. What a beautiful soul, may the light dance with you all night.


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