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Dismantle Me

dismantle me –
bones break inside.
cages collapse
ego tries to hide.

from tower to none.
the birth of night
nudges me undone.

interwoven myths
stories i have known.
perfect patterns stitched
are suddenly unsewn.

bone and cloth
structure and skin.
this armor held lies
which echo from within.

but now –

uncaged deceptions
dissolve in pure light.
simplicity unwraps
truth and I reunite.

writing anew
weaving heart and soul
no bones, skin or ego
needed to become whole.

Break of dawn
Unbounded and free
a tower of heart
at once, I am wholly me.

Karen Kaye (July 2014)


Burned Out

She is a black, black butterfly
The darkest mark in the brightest sky,
Wings painfully charcoaled dark as night
By an artist called Life Gone By.

She lingers close to earth and rock
Hiding meekly beneath the winds.
Dare you follow her ever unguided path
of darts and dashes and tortured spins?

For she is a butterfly
too much stillness may bring her death.
So she must exhaust herself!
in reckless movement and baited breath.

The artistry within her wings is vacant
No color nor design define her.
One finds her cocooned in the ice of despair
Hoping faith and mercy unwind her.

For she is a black, black butterfly
And I know her colors well.
I know the sickness of the spell
that bleached lively wings white
then blackens them darkly into night.

I know this little black butterfly
A tiny heart of night.
For she is me,
For she is I,
Just one, little, black butterfly.

Karen Kaye, 2009


A Song I Cannot Sing

I have a song I cannot sing,
So lyrics, melody and note
were boxed up tight – and I
closed the door upon my throat.

With the box stowed deep
turmoil brews darkly ‘neath my skin.
Truth and ego are wrestling
in a vicious battle for the win.

For this is a song I cannot sing
and a story I cannot tell.
It is the sickness of vulnerability
that brings such deep repel.

Let me show you
how tender wounds heal.
Not with human skin, I say!
But with stone – and steel.

A hollow statue of wounds;
a story echoing deep inside.
A throat coldly sealed shut
with the brutal ink of pride.

There is a box somewhere,
A lock with a crushing sting.
For this, my wholeness rests unknown
because I have a song I cannot sing.

Karen Kaye, May 2013


i will surprise you

There is a gentle swell
infusing the belly of possibility.
As it delicately unfolds before me
it begs me to honor it’s fragility.

“Don’t crush it” – it’s asking me.
“Don’t question me” – it says.
Just let me be, you watch and see
for i will surprise you.

Let me evolve – from cell to body
for you don’t know me quite yet.
Our quietude shall give birth
and cast light upon this vignette.

I know your type!
(it says to me in loving-peace).
You see the animal
and you name the beast.

You see the body
and you judge the heart.
You join the race
and take a head start.

This swell is only the first note
of a song you don’t yet know
I have plenty more to say and show!
Your silence and patience
shall encourage my song to grow.

Wait – Don’t break the stem just yet
when all you see is a weak silhouette.
In my rightful time and space
I emerge with a body, heart and face.

Maybe then you will see it
unless you see your judgement first!
Take me as I am
then come dance with me
vulnerable and unrehearsed.

Come gently to my playground
I only ask one thing.
Can you watch and listen
before you kick and throw?

For I must warn you…
I may be something
your heart has ached to know.

~Karen Kaye (December 2009)


Paper to Blossoms (The Dance)

The notes begin to stir
drawing together in rapport
and the strings of song
pull my feet to the floor.

My spirit finds the heart of song
and joyfully slips inside.
Within the womb of music
song and dance collide.

The song calls to me
And as dancer, I reply!
In measure, we join together
and sweetly come eye to eye.

My soul is crafting song to form
as the music plays on.
I’m unfolding into blossoms
as all hesitance is withdrawn.

Music takes my hand and foot
and guides them in gentle grace.
In partnership, we’re stretching
beyond all time and space.

The notes begin to slow
and it’s time to say good night
but I’m still unfolding – blossoming –
and arching into the night.

For this song has changed me
and where I come from.
In merging with the music
I became more than I’ve become.

~ Karen Kaye (11/2009)



as the pillow of the night
brought daybreak’s gentle yawn,
my heart trembled open
and out emerged Emotion’s pawn.

two steps forward
with strong and peaceful grace
she spoke her words calmly
and held her square shaped place.

the knight came forward
with the queen of hearts close behind
brave messengers cupping thoughts unspoken,
newly extracted; frightfully intertwined.

you gently cleared both time and space
to give my heart a voice and stage.
at last! she spoke so freely
from the doors of judgement’s cage.

not once did you catch the words midair
to re-craft them to your liking.
you let them be as they are
without imposing answers, logic or striking.

when a woman’s heart speaks freely
through knight and queen and pawn
the steel in her heart will soften
as she tiptoes into the breaking dawn.

for by letting her speak unscripted
and allowing what is to simply be
by honoring the voices of my heart
you have deeply honored me.

Karen Kaye
August 2009

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