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I Won’t Wish You Good Luck

I stopped wishing people “good luck” a while ago. Not because they didn’t deserve it, but because I had an epiphany.

Luck is something that happens by chance – something that is out of your control. Whether good or bad, luck is what happens to you, not by you.

I don’t believe things happen randomly. And I would never wish random chance upon another.

I no longer talk about “luck”. I now talk about “fortune”.

I believe fortune is something we build with our own hands, with the power of our own creative and brilliant minds. Our level of fortune is something we control by our beliefs, our intentions, and our actions.

After doing gratitude journal, I often pause for a moment of reflection. I don’t think about how lucky I am. I reflect upon the fortune I am attracting and creating in my life. I rejoice in my power to build a life of fortune.

Every day, I am reminded of my own power as I do gratitude journal. I am clearly in control – look at all these pages of amazing things I am bringing into my life! Nothing is happening here by chance. My beliefs, actions and intentions are creating fortune in every area of my life, every day – bit by bit.

I’m constantly attracting opportunities, inspiration, kindness, generosity, creative ideas, the right people and the right circumstances. I set my intentions, dismantle the blocks and gratefully receive all that comes.

I don’t need luck when I am in control. Wishing “good luck” seems to  subvert ones power by suggesting that they don’t directly influence their own future. Instead, I’d rather convey my intention that good fortune will support them.

So I won’t wish you good luck. But when I say, “Good fortune to you”, know that I’m setting a direct and clear intention for you. And let that be an invitation for you to join me in setting the intention for the result  you are seeking.

All fortunes start with an intention. Whatever result you want, empower yourself by taking command instead of relinquishing the reins to the winds of chance. The power to create is within your hands.


Photo Credit: Hooping as a Tool for Manifestation.

Easiest Way to Make Your Life Easier

Most things in your life will do one of two things: energize or drain you.

People, possessions, situations, beliefs – they all have an effect on you. Start paying attention to exactly what that effect is.

We all know people who leave us feeling worse than we did when we first started the interaction. Maybe they complain or vent a lot, or maybe they have a heavy vibe that sucks the life out of everyone in a room. Some people are just plain boring.

But you also know people who make you feel brighter, lighter and happier after having spent time with them – even if it was only a brief greeting. They have a magical, uplifting effect on you.

So get rid of, minimize or redefine your relationships with those who consistently drain you. This is the single fastest and easiest thing you can do to make your life feel a thousand times better. Guaranteed.

Things have draining effects on us too. Seeing and being around clutter drains most people. Obligations and events you don’t really want to attend are draining – learn to say no! You probably have some beliefs that drain you too. Need help identifying which ones? They are the ones singed with guilt, fear or restriction. Life doesn’t have to be like that. Embrace beliefs that empower you, make you feel good and fill you with freedom and joy.

Get rid of possessions that remind you of unhappy times. The diamond necklace your ex gave you right before he abruptly left you broken-hearted probably doesn’t infuse you with joy when you wear it or see it. Sell it. Donate it. Get it out of your house so it stops poisoning your home with its bad vibes.

My goal is to only keep things that bring me joy and peacefulness. If I don’t love it, I don’t want it in my house. I work hard not to keep things out of obligation or out of fear (“what if I need this someday?”) – both of which are draining to me.

It’s hard. It’s a work in progress. It requires you to constantly evaluate your environment and then adjust, donate, make tough decisions and have difficult conversations. But you’ll get back all the energy and vibrancy you’ve been missing all these years. And yes, it’s totally worth it.


It’s Not What You Think

How many of you have focused your thoughts, intentions and words on something – and it didn’t come through for you? Many of us talk about “watching our words and thoughts”. We believe that what we think and say will come true.

For several years I devoted my deepest attention to focusing on positive thoughts and intentions. But little was changing in my life.

Here’s why. You do not become what you think. You become what you BELIEVE.

You can think anything you want; but if you don’t believe it, you will fall short. Don’t believe me? Spend the next year intensely thinking about becoming a unicorn and let us know how that goes.

For most of us, our thoughts and beliefs don’t match up. Unfortunately, beliefs trump thoughts.

The big complication? Most of us are not aware of what our beliefs are. In fact, we are delusional about what we think our beliefs are.

If you want a hint on what you believe, look at your life. Your life is your set of beliefs in action. If you are struggling with money, you likely believe that you don’t deserve or can’t have wealth – both of which are what Loretta Smith lovingly calls “false beliefs”.

There is hope. An applied kinesiologist (like Mike Okouchi) or an energy practitioner (like Loretta Smith) can immediately tell you if your beliefs are in alignment, or help you identify your false beliefs. They use alternative methods to clear out limiting beliefs so you can move past the things blocking you from a better life. It’s worth mentioning that if you want change, you gotta be open-minded!

The reason I share this with you is because I suffered the same agony as many positive thinkers. Despite my focus on positive thoughts and intentions, life wasn’t working quite right. It wasn’t until I began working with Dr. Mike and Loretta that my life suddenly became much easier and seemingly effortless. And when I feel “off”, I give Loretta a call and 60 minutes later, life is good again.

Your thoughts are important. They can become beliefs. But the greatest power to change your life is rooted in the beliefs that you aren’t aware of having. Those hidden beliefs are likely holding you back the most.

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