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I Won’t Wish You Good Luck

I stopped wishing people “good luck” a while ago. Not because they didn’t deserve it, but because I had an epiphany.

Luck is something that happens by chance – something that is out of your control. Whether good or bad, luck is what happens to you, not by you.

I don’t believe things happen randomly. And I would never wish random chance upon another.

I no longer talk about “luck”. I now talk about “fortune”.

I believe fortune is something we build with our own hands, with the power of our own creative and brilliant minds. Our level of fortune is something we control by our beliefs, our intentions, and our actions.

After doing gratitude journal, I often pause for a moment of reflection. I don’t think about how lucky I am. I reflect upon the fortune I am attracting and creating in my life. I rejoice in my power to build a life of fortune.

Every day, I am reminded of my own power as I do gratitude journal. I am clearly in control – look at all these pages of amazing things I am bringing into my life! Nothing is happening here by chance. My beliefs, actions and intentions are creating fortune in every area of my life, every day – bit by bit.

I’m constantly attracting opportunities, inspiration, kindness, generosity, creative ideas, the right people and the right circumstances. I set my intentions, dismantle the blocks and gratefully receive all that comes.

I don’t need luck when I am in control. Wishing “good luck” seems to  subvert ones power by suggesting that they don’t directly influence their own future. Instead, I’d rather convey my intention that good fortune will support them.

So I won’t wish you good luck. But when I say, “Good fortune to you”, know that I’m setting a direct and clear intention for you. And let that be an invitation for you to join me in setting the intention for the result  you are seeking.

All fortunes start with an intention. Whatever result you want, empower yourself by taking command instead of relinquishing the reins to the winds of chance. The power to create is within your hands.


Photo Credit: Hooping as a Tool for Manifestation.

Getting to the Root of It

Something happened this morning that triggered an old aggravation, hitting a long forgotten raw spot. This event hit me deeply. Normally, I roll with things, but not this time. It stuck with me.

My “out of character” reaction tipped me off. I could see why I cared, but why did I care SO much? Because my reaction wasn’t about what happened today; it had roots in something else, something long unresolved. This was the moment to figure out what that was.

I took my laptop to the patio and I began writing: “How do I REALLY feel about this situation?” And then without stopping, I wrote whatever came to mind. I typed and typed and typed – venting, whining, bemoaning, blandly commenting on how I had no idea what else to write – then pondering and musing my way toward what would hopefully become a breakthrough.

And then it hit me. I got a major “a-ha”. It hit me so hard that I stopped typing and went “oh…”. This realization changed everything. Immediately shifted my energy. And it also gave me an insight on what my next action step was for the issue I was facing.

I use this process whenever I need to get to the root of something.

I use it to make decisions, “How do I REALLY feel about this career path (or job)”.

I use it to get insights and clarity “How do I REALLY feel about my friendship with Susie?”.

And I use it when I feel blocked, “How do I REALLY feel about finishing this project?”.

The word “really” is in all caps to urge me to write openly and honestly – totally uncensored! I can always delete the file or burn the paper later.

The key is to write until you get hit with a big epiphany. One that is big enough that it gives you a major “a-ha” or “oh….” That’s how you know you are getting to the root. There might be a few epiphanies waiting for you, so don’t always stop at the first one…

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