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It’s Not What You Think

How many of you have focused your thoughts, intentions and words on something – and it didn’t come through for you? Many of us talk about “watching our words and thoughts”. We believe that what we think and say will come true.

For several years I devoted my deepest attention to focusing on positive thoughts and intentions. But little was changing in my life.

Here’s why. You do not become what you think. You become what you BELIEVE.

You can think anything you want; but if you don’t believe it, you will fall short. Don’t believe me? Spend the next year intensely thinking about becoming a unicorn and let us know how that goes.

For most of us, our thoughts and beliefs don’t match up. Unfortunately, beliefs trump thoughts.

The big complication? Most of us are not aware of what our beliefs are. In fact, we are delusional about what we think our beliefs are.

If you want a hint on what you believe, look at your life. Your life is your set of beliefs in action. If you are struggling with money, you likely believe that you don’t deserve or can’t have wealth – both of which are what Loretta Smith lovingly calls “false beliefs”.

There is hope. An applied kinesiologist (like Mike Okouchi) or an energy practitioner (like Loretta Smith) can immediately tell you if your beliefs are in alignment, or help you identify your false beliefs. They use alternative methods to clear out limiting beliefs so you can move past the things blocking you from a better life. It’s worth mentioning that if you want change, you gotta be open-minded!

The reason I share this with you is because I suffered the same agony as many positive thinkers. Despite my focus on positive thoughts and intentions, life wasn’t working quite right. It wasn’t until I began working with Dr. Mike and Loretta that my life suddenly became much easier and seemingly effortless. And when I feel “off”, I give Loretta a call and 60 minutes later, life is good again.

Your thoughts are important. They can become beliefs. But the greatest power to change your life is rooted in the beliefs that you aren’t aware of having. Those hidden beliefs are likely holding you back the most.

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