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A Birthday Ritual for a Transformative Year

I turned 41 yesterday. Not a special age, but recent changes in my life told me that this was going to be a year of big changes and transformations. 41 is also a prime number – perhaps this means this year will be unlike any other. So I created a birthday ritual that empowers me to take command of the upcoming year.

  • First I set my intentions for the day (an excellent daily ritual). I’ve learned the power of taking command of the day by doing this. It makes a huge difference when I do this with emotional power and intent.
  • Then I did my gratitude challenge; I wrote down 100 things I was grateful for in my gratitude journal. It’s my way of saying “thank you” to the universe. It also set an energy that uplifted me and put me in a state of peace, confidence and joy. It reminded me of the true beauty of my life. One thing I’ve learned is that virtually everything in our life ends up being a blessing in some way. Seek to find the blessing and you’ll live in gratitude easily.
  • Next I set my intentions for the next year. This is like placing an order so the universe knows exactly what to deliver to me. If I listen to signs, show up and take action when inspired, and say YES to opportunities, these things usually happen just as intended. If you want to amaze yourself, give it a shot.
    • What do I want to accomplish, experience and feel over the upcoming year?
    • What do I want to attract into my life?
    • What do I need to let go of?
  • Lastly, I set my manifestations for the coming year. This expands on the intentions by filling in my emotional reaction to having experienced my intentions as desired. I don’t write about exactly “how” things will work out; I keep the focus on what I want to feel and experience. Therefore, I write as if these things have already happened and I do so in a journaling fashion, which allows me to infuse the writing with a lot of emotion (which is the secret to doing this effectively). A lot of my manifestations sound like this: “I am SO EXCITED that I got to do xyz – it was EXACTLY what I wanted and I had so much fun doing it!”.

Afterwards, I took a moment to pause. I put everything down and gazed quietly at the ocean and the brilliant blue sky before me. I took a moment to rest my heart, mind and soul and marvel at the wonder of the world, on this beautiful day, in this precious life.

That very moment – and the year ahead – looked beautiful to me. And I knew my birthday year was off to a phenomenal start.


I Won’t Wish You Good Luck

I stopped wishing people “good luck” a while ago. Not because they didn’t deserve it, but because I had an epiphany.

Luck is something that happens by chance – something that is out of your control. Whether good or bad, luck is what happens to you, not by you.

I don’t believe things happen randomly. And I would never wish random chance upon another.

I no longer talk about “luck”. I now talk about “fortune”.

I believe fortune is something we build with our own hands, with the power of our own creative and brilliant minds. Our level of fortune is something we control by our beliefs, our intentions, and our actions.

After doing gratitude journal, I often pause for a moment of reflection. I don’t think about how lucky I am. I reflect upon the fortune I am attracting and creating in my life. I rejoice in my power to build a life of fortune.

Every day, I am reminded of my own power as I do gratitude journal. I am clearly in control – look at all these pages of amazing things I am bringing into my life! Nothing is happening here by chance. My beliefs, actions and intentions are creating fortune in every area of my life, every day – bit by bit.

I’m constantly attracting opportunities, inspiration, kindness, generosity, creative ideas, the right people and the right circumstances. I set my intentions, dismantle the blocks and gratefully receive all that comes.

I don’t need luck when I am in control. Wishing “good luck” seems to  subvert ones power by suggesting that they don’t directly influence their own future. Instead, I’d rather convey my intention that good fortune will support them.

So I won’t wish you good luck. But when I say, “Good fortune to you”, know that I’m setting a direct and clear intention for you. And let that be an invitation for you to join me in setting the intention for the result  you are seeking.

All fortunes start with an intention. Whatever result you want, empower yourself by taking command instead of relinquishing the reins to the winds of chance. The power to create is within your hands.


Photo Credit: Hooping as a Tool for Manifestation.

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